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Wild Ginger

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Wild Ginger

Asarum canadense

This low, colony-forming perennial grows only 4-8 in. high. Each plant bears a pair of large, velvety, heart-shaped leaves. Growing at ground level in the crotch between 2 leafstalks is a single darkish red-brown to green-brown flower. The solitary flower is at ground level, hidden below the leaves. A similar plant with greenish-purple flowers, Hexastylis arifolia, has more triangular, evergreen leaf blades.  

Growing Conditions

Height 4" to 12"
Light Requirements Part shade to full shade
Bloom time April to May
Zone 4 to 6

Additional Info

Touching this plant can cause skin irritation in some people.

Doesnt grow in the high summer heat


All info from Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center