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Rattlesnake Plantain

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Rattlesnake Plantain

Goodyera pubescens

Rattlesnake-plantains get their name from their broad, rounded leaves, which are similar in shape to those of plantain, a common lawn weed. They are not actually plantains; they are orchids. Downy rattlesnake-plantain is the most common species in New England. It is distinguished from other rattlesnake-plantains by the bright silver markings on the leaves with a broad stripe down the center of the leaves. Compare this to checkered rattlesnake-plantain, which has duller markings and no central stripe.  

Growing Conditions

Height 12-18 in. (30-45 cm)
Light Requirements Light Shade
Bloom time Late Summer/Early Fall
Zone 4 to 10

Additional Info

Requires consistently moist soil

do not let dry out between waterings


All info from Dave's Garden