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Meadow Beauty

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Meadow Beauty

Rhexia virginica

Handsome-Harry or meadow-beauty is a 2 ft., (occasionally 3 ft.), hairy perennial with bright-green, thickened oval leaves and showy flowers in loose, nearly terminal clusters. Flowers are rose-pink to pale pink, with 4 petals almost as broad as long on a sturdy 4-sided, slightly winged stem. Surrounding a yellow pistil and ring of 8 stamens are four purplish-red petals which frequently fall off by early afternoon.  

Growing Conditions

Height 12 to 36 inches
Light Requirements part shade
Bloom time May , Jun , Jul , Aug , Sep
Zone 4 to 8

Additional Info

The flowers of meadow beauty attract bees

Deer browse the plant


All info from Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center