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Heartleaf Bergenia

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Heartleaf Bergenia

Bergenia cordifolia

Bergenia (also called heart-leaved bergenia) is a clump-forming perennial which is primarily grown as a ground cover. Features large rosettes of leathery, glossy, toothed, rounded, dark green leaves (to 10" long by 8" wide) which are heart-shaped at the base. Leaves typically form a thick, slowly-spreading clump of foliage to 12" tall. Foliage turns purplish-bronze in winter.  

Growing Conditions

Height 12" to 18"
Light Requirements Part shade to full shade
Bloom time April to May
Zone 3 to 8

Additional Info

Leaves are often used in floral arrangements

Remove all damaged foliage in late winter to early spring


All info from Missouri Botanical Garden