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Downy Wood Mint

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Downy Wood Mint

Blephilia ciliata

Ohio horsemint is a perennial which occurs in dryish open woods and thickets, clearings, fields and roadsides. A clump-forming, mint family member that features mostly unbranched, square stems which rise to 30" tall. Blue-purple, two-lipped flowers appear in late spring to mid-summer in several tiered, whorled, globular clusters in an interrupted terminal spike, with each cluster being subtended by (resting upon) a whorl of fringed bracts. 

Growing Conditions

Height 12" to 30"
Light Requirements Full sun part shade
Bloom time May to August
Zone 4 to 8

Additional Info

Susceptible to powdery mildew

mildly fragrant when crushed


All info from Missouri Botanical Garden