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Corydalis sempervirens

Rock-harlequin or pale corydalis is a delicate, lacy, 1-2 ft. biennial with compound leaves divided into many lobes. During its first summer the only foliage is a basal rosette, but in its second year the plant sends up many branched stems, each tipped with bunches of pink and yellow, uniquely tubular flowers. Drooping, sac-like, tubular, pink and yellow flowers in clusters at ends of branched stems bearing intricately divided leaves.  

Growing Conditions

Height 12 to 36 inches
Light Requirements Part Shade
Bloom time Late Spring/Early Summer Mid Summer Late Summer/Early Fall Mid Fall
Zone 6 to 9

Additional Info

Pale corydalis can become weedy

can grow any where in U.S


All info from Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center